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13 September, 2008

Walking on Dead Fish

The East St. John Wildcats, a small-town high school football team, looks within to brave the adversity delivered by Hurricane Katrina. Located just fifteen miles west of New Orleans, the tiny town of La Place escaped the cruel flooding of its neighbor only to suffer a different kind of flood, the overnight influx of 20,000 displaced hurricane victims. Its under-funded high school, East St. John, took in 450 “Displaced Students” and twenty of them joined the football team. With the first two games cancelled, the Wildcats and their twenty new displaced teammates, desperately short on equipment and practice time, were forced to take the field against archrival Hahnville in 100-plus degree heat. Can teenage boys blown together by the winds of Katrina overcome the tragedy of losing their homes and school? Can kids with vastly different racial, economic and religious backgrounds co-exist?

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