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08 September, 2008


Since the story of Vikram Bhatt's 1920 revolves around the era of 1920, the director has taken utmost pains to gather as much material as possible used during those days the sets. Also during those days people were fascinated by portraits and often had them made by famous artists. Here the portrait of Anjorie Alag depicting the era of 1920 needed to be made.

"Vikram could have used computer graphics and got a portrait made easily. But the director wanted to lend authenticity and got an actual portrait made of Anjorie Alagh," revealed a source.

"I had to pose for five hours like a statue while the artist made the portrait of me," Anjorie said laughing. She added, "The portrait is ten foot long looking absolutely authentic as it would have looked if made in 1920." 

It has been known for quite some time now that Vishesh Films will be producing a sequel to Raaz. However the surprise is that it will not be directed by Vikram Bhatt who directed the original super hit, even as talks are on with the original stars Dino Morea and Bipasha Basu to be a part of the film. The sequel will be directed by the Bhattt's new blue-eyed boy Mohit Suri and it promises to be made on a much larger scale than the original. 

Vikram Bhatt fans need not be disappointed. Post several recent flops, Vikram has decided to take a look at the types of films he is undertaking and not take on more than one film at a time. He has finally found the perfect script for his next film which is title 1920 and will be a period horror film, something never before attempted.

 The script has been written by Vikram himself and will be produced by his own newly formed banner A.S.A. Films Pvt. Ltd., although at this point in time he is not sure whether he will go for known actors or new faces. Watch this space for more news!

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